Technosol is able to offer strengthening solutions for any surface depending on the technical specifications and the type of repair or strengthening work to be undertaken.

  1. FRP for concrete structures,
  2. TRM for unreinforced structures [brick, block and stone] and
  3. the Mapei Polyurethane system.




Fibre Reinforced Polymer Systems [FRP]

Fibre Reinforced Polymer is the name given to a compound material combining carbon glass fibre and matrix resin. It is light and strong, and is therefore used in a range of applications.

Technosol provides lightweight structural strengthening of concrete and masonry structures using this process.


Textile Reinforced Mortar Systems [TRM]

TRM is the Seismic upgrading of unreinforced masonry structures [ie. Brick, Block and Stone].and consists of a high strength fibreglass mesh embedded into a highly ductile mortar.


Mapei Polyurethane System

MapeWrap EQ System is an innovative, protection system in the

event of seismic activity. It acts like “seismic wallpaper” to give people

more time to evacuate a building in the event of an earthquake. In fact,

one of the most critical issues of a building hit by an earthquake is the

difficulty people face when trying to evacuate a room or the building due

to damage caused to structural and non-structural elements.


MapeWrap EQ System comprises:

MapeWrap EQ Adhesive:

one-component, ready-to-use, water and polyurethane-based

adhesive with very low emission level of volatile organic compounds

(VOC) for impregnating MapeWrap EQ Net, bi-directional, primed

glass fibre fabric.


MapeWrap EQ Net:

bi-directional, primed, glass fibre fabric to protect secondary

partition walls in buildings from seismic activity.


Our Process

Quality Assurance

Technosol along with Mapei, have designed an extensive quality assurance system providing a high level of workmanship on all projects.


Design and Technical Support

Technosol have technical support from Mapei's Seismic Engineering Department who also work in conjunction with the University of Milano.


Trained Composite Applicators

Mapei provide Technosol with comprehensive training and provide accreditation to install all Mapei strengthening systems.





University of Canterbury
Law Building and Boiler House
Stadium Southland
Show Place Business Park, Addington




  • To enhance load carrying capacity due to changed usage
  • Upgrade to satisfy current building codes
  • Seismic strengthening  - increase load and ductility
  • Alteration to intended structure; form
  • Rectification of construction mistakes
  • Enhance durability



What can be Strengthened:


  • Beams , slabs, walls for flexure
  • Beams, walls for shear
  • Slabs, walls for trimming around penetrations
  • Silos and tanks for crack control and increased capacity
  • Poles and chimneys for lateral load resistance
  • Marine structures for increased durability
  • Blast and impact resistance
  • Historic masonry structures to supplement inherent low strength materials 
  • High ductility against seismic and dynamic stress.