Avondale Bridge: Carbon FRP
Pier Strengthening - SCIRT PROJECT

The Avondale Bridge suffered major damage in the February 2010 earthquakes and required new abutments to be built at each end of the bridge plus strengthening works to the existing bridge priers.


To strengthen the piers, a carbon fibre wrap was chosen.  This required the piers to be completely dried out for an extended period of time.  A sheet pile cofferdam was constructed around the entire pier and automatic controlled pumps installed to keep the water level under control.


The Remediation Process:

  • The areas to be remediated where blasted under pressure to remove mould and dirt.
  • Once dry, cracks were injected with Mapei Epojet LV.
  • All rusted and corroded steel cleaned to a bright finish and treated using Mapei 1K.  
  • Apply Mapewrap Primer 1SP followed by application of Adesilex PG1 epoxy to full surface imperfections.
  • A second application of Mapewrap Primer 1Sp applied after areas have been mechanically ground to produce a smooth finish.
  • Mapewrap C Uni-AX 6000, having been saturated with Mapewrap 31SP, was applied and process repeated.
  • Substrate received finishes of Mapewrap 31SP and broadcast to refusal with dry quartz.
  • Mapelastic Smart applied as a protective coating.




Progressive Testing:

Direct tension adhesion testing of cored samples using the method described by ASTM D4541 were performed at intervals during the remediation process and sent to Sai Global for analysis. 


A minimum of one batch sample was made daily to test for ultimate tensile strength, tensile modulus and percentage elongation as per ASTM D3039 in the longitudinal fibre direction.


Technosol is committed to a zero harm safety philosophy. Injury free days on this job is 100%