High Pressure Epoxy Resin Injection

  • High pressure epoxy injection system delivering  penetration to cracks to a minimum of  0.2mm. 
  • Core samples can be taken and tested if required.
  • Restoring panels to their original monolithic state and weather-proofing against moisture ingress.         


Panel Joint Sealant

  • Seal pre-cast panel joints against moisture / fire / wind / noise 
  • Sealants can be fire rated to achieve 240 minutes F.R. if required.                     


Construction / Expansion Joints

  • Edge protection at shrinkage control joints and construction joints in concrete floors. 
  • Joint fillers to allow some movement.                                 


Structural Mortar Patches / Micro Concrete Pours

  • Repair broken / spalled areas of concrete where high performance and durability are required.             


 Pressure Grouting / Drossbach Duct Filling

  • Improving structural integrity by connecting pre-cast concrete structures, filling empty block work, filling the underside of steel base plates on pre-cast walls to form an even weight load pressure.             


 Floor Levelling Compound (FLC)

  • If flooring is uneven, a smooth, flat finish can be achieved using floor levelling compounds.         


 Cracked / Broken Ring Foundations

  • Concrete ring foundation bonded back together using high strength epoxy resin to restore its structural integrity.
  • This un-invasive repair can all be carried out externally without the need to lift floors to gain access to the internal side of the foundations. 
  • Structural mortar can also be applied to larger broken areas.                            


 Cracked / Spalled Concrete Floor Slabs

  • Damage to floor slabs are filled from the base of the     substrate to the surface with high strength     epoxy resins.






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