Timaru- Theatre Royal

Technosol is committed to a zero harm safety philosophy. Injury free days on this job is 100%



Built in 1877 on its current Stafford Street site, the Victorian designed theatre required strengthening to one side of a brick wall to a dressing room and staircase at the rear of the stage encompassing two levels.


Using specialist Mapei products, Technosol Ltd was able to achieve the desired level of strengthening.


To ensure bondage of the authorized product, the substrate was carefully cleaned using Technosol’s environmentally friendly Vapour Blasting System. Note: Technosol’s Vapour Blasting System cleans without damage and is able to remove high build epoxy coatings, rust, and in this case paint.


With the substrate perfectly clean, the Mapei Plantitop HDM Maxi Mortar is prepared and smoothed over the surface. While the product is still fresh, the Mapegrid was inserted and adhered to the mortar. A second application of Mapei Planitop HDM Maxi Mortar was applied to ensure full coverage of the Mapegrid.


Mapei Plantitop HDM is a two component, high ductility, fibre reinforced cementitious mortar with pozzolanic –reaction binder base. It is has a high bonding strength, and once hardened, forms a tough compact layer which is impermeable to water and aggressive gasses in the atmosphere.


Mapegrid G220, a primed alkali –resistant fibreglass mesh for reinforcement of stone, brick, and tuff supports is used in conjunction with Mapei Plantitop HDM. The use of Mapegrid G220 improves the distribution of stresses induced by mechanical loads, and seismic activity.