Heritage Strengthening Work

Leased New Life for The Court Theatre 


Homeless after the Christchurch earthquakes, the Court Theatre in the Christchurch Arts Centre, relocated to a large 1950’s warehouse-like former grain store –80m long and 32m wide in Addington. The new theatre is a pragmatic , raw and exciting space best summed up by its unpretentious nickname—The Shed. The Shed was transformed from a disused grain store with earthquake damage to a fully functional 400 seat theatre in only 16 weeks

Technosol is committed to a zero harm safety philosophy. Injury free days on this job is 100%


and to 30 of the 44 concrete interior columns required remediation using our injection process for cracks up to 2.0mm in width, and our structural grouting process where damaged areas where larger. Brick walls required structural strengthening using FRP (Fibre Reinforcing Polymer) methods. In addition joint sealant works were undertaken between block walls and columns. As an authorised applicator for Mapei and Sika, Technosol liaises closely with the suppliers and the project engineers to ensure that methodologies employed are effective for the purpose. In this instance the following products were used: 



Repairs to Concrete Elements:


  • Sikadur 52— Two component epoxy resin with a low viscosity, free flowing, fast curing injection resin. Shrink resistant. Excellent adhesion to most construction materials.
  • Mapei Epojet LV: Two component epoxy resin with a very low viscosity for an injection in micro cracks.
  • Sika Grout 215 /215: High strength , shrinkage compensated, pourable cementitious grouts.
  • Sika Monotop 723N: R3 cementitious pore sealer and levelling mortar.


Strengthening to brick walls using FRP:


  • Mapei Primer 1—two component super fluid solvent –free used to prepare surfaces requiring repair by FRP and Carboplate methods.
  • Mapei Adesilex PG1—two component thixotropic epoxy adhesive for structural bonding
  • MapeWrap C Flocco—cord made from mono-directional, high strength carbon fibre or glass fibre which is impregnated with impregnated with MapeWrap 31 to make ‘structural connections’ between substrates (concrete, stone, bricks, wood etc) and the strengthening products from the Mapei FRP system.
  • MapeWrap 31—impregnating agent for fabrics using the “dry system”. Using this system the dry fabric is placed directly on a layer of resin applied beforehand to the concrete element that needs reinforcement.
  • MapeWrap Primer 1—epoxy primer and strengthening treatment specific for the MapeWrap system. 



In the entrance access, toilet lobby, and fire exits were prepared and ground to receive applications of Nuplex Crystal Sealer . The polished concrete floor fits perfectly with the ambience of the building and keeps it true to the architects designs and ideas that it is “rough and ready but, in a city recovering from an earthquake, it is all you need.”


 Nuplex Crystal Seal is a clear, solvent based polymer supplied in a thin, ready to use form to ensure good penetration into the substrate. Crystal Seal possess excellent durability, toughness, water resistance and is non-yellowing. 






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