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SCHOOL HOUSE—Christ’s College 


The Christ’s College School House was constructed in 1902 and opened as a boarding house in 1909. The building has a category II heritage listing with the New Zealand Historic Places Trust and a Group 3 listing in the Christchurch City Plan. School House comprises three levels of timber floors, supported on unreinforced masonry walls.


A number of repairs were required to bring the building back to a pre earthquake capacity, one of which was the replacement of strength lost due to cracking of north wall with FRP strengthening.


Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) was installed to the internal face of the unreinforced masonry walls, primarily to provide shear strengthening of the masonry walls. Vertical FRP strengthening was also required to prevent rocking of the piers in isolated locations.


Following completion of the strengthening works the northern wall achieved the following capacities under in-plane loads: Second floor 100%; First floor 85%; and Ground floor 65%.


To strengthen, the following Mapei products were used:


  • Mapei Adesilex PG1—two component thixotropic epoxy adhesive for structural bonding
  • MapeWrap C Flocco—cord made from mono-directional, high strength carbon fibre or glass fibre which is impregnated with MapeWrap 31 to make ‘structural connections’ between substrates (concrete, stone, bricks, wood etc) and the strengthening products from the Mapei FRP system.
  • MapeWrap 31—impregnating agent for fabrics using the “dry system”. Using this system the dry fabric is placed directly on a layer of resin applied beforehand to the concrete element that needs reinforcement.
  • MapeWrap G Uni-Ax—unidirectional glass fibre fabric to repair concrete and masonry elements damaged by physical or mechanical action, and for seismic strengthening of structures in earthquake areas.
  • MapeWrap Primer 1—epoxy primer and strengthening treatment specific for the MapeWrap system. Required for bonding MapeWrap products.


On completion samples were sent to SAI Global (international compliance specialists) to tensile test epoxy impregnated fibre glass matting . Compliance to required standards gives our clients the assurances they deserve. 


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