Swimming pool non slip walking surface

Pioneer Pool CHCH

Installation of Resin based floor topping
with Technosol Grit

Pioneer Pool is a community centre with several covered pools. Christchurch City Council identified a slip issue on tile surfaces around the Learn to Swim Pool and adjoining change facilities. A pool refurbishment project required all existing floor tiles to be removed, floor surfaces diamond ground and new non-slip resin and Technosol grit topping installed. New pool edge tiles were layed and expansion joint sealant removed and replaced.

  • Existing floor tiles removed
  • Concrete substrate mechanically prepared by diamond grinding
  • All substrate cracks resin injected
  • Floor falls realigned for positive water drainage
  • All pool tiles knock tested with replacements as required including new pool edge tiles to scum drain
  • All pool expansion joint sealant removed and replaced
  • New Traxite floor system installed with bespoke colour option
  • Work completed during school holidays without disruption and on time.


System: Allnex Traxite


Size: 250m2


Contractor: Technosol Construction Solutions in association with Armitage Williams


Specifier: Ross Maguire Architect


Completed: January 2017