Decorative coatings will enhance any wall  or floor area and become a point of difference.
Our coating systems are appropriate for retail shops, swimming pool surrounds, industrial walls or to give new life to older coating solutions. Using either coloured resins or decorative systems, our wall coatings are virtually seamless, hard-wearing and provide endless design possibilities.

Protective Finishes
A variety of protective finishes appropriate for use on any wall. The durable properties of these finishes make them the perfect covering for industrial food grade areas, wet/dry surfaces. We comply with Ministry of Health, and Agriculture and Fisheries Departments requirements. Our protective finishes can be textured or coloured to enhance walls, floors or ceilings. We supply and install fire resistant coatings.

Current projects

C.C.C. Dudley Park, Graham Condon Aquatic Centres
CMP (Canterbury Meat Processing)
New Worlds
Westland Dairy


Protection to concrete, masonry & other structures from erosion, rot, & mildew caused by dampness.

Floors & Walls                   
Internal & external, prior to application of  
                                                  floor or wall coverings

Concrete Structures      Damp or dry substrates.

Roofing Membranes     Flat roofs, walk out areas including balconies
                                                  & decks


Applied to internal and external construction joints.